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Kirk Hinkleman is the Associate Director of Life Works Supported Living Services in San Diego, and co-author of "Intentional Teaming:  Shifting Organizational Culture".  He has been working in the human services field since 1998.  His venture into the field came as a part-time gig while attending UCSB, but quickly it became evident that a career was unfolding.  Having experience that spans from residential facilities, to education, job development and then into Supported Living, Kirk's evolution of mission and philosophy can be attributed to his experiences at every step along his journey.   "We need to shatter labels and erase lines that have been separating people from making simple human connections with each other in the community.  I'm particularly fascinated with the idea of kinship and love.  Love is a word that scares people in this work, but I feel like it is essential.  Let's get over each other, and get with each other…embracing the idea that we all inherently belong to one another."



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