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Tami's Story

When I was living at the group home my life was terrible. I even had to share my room and I didn't get enough privacy. I had a roommate and she didn't make me feel good. I like to spend time by myself and I couldn't do that because my roommate was there always. I lived with people I didn't like. I got hit by people that I didn't like. My stuff was stolen by people that I didn't like. I didn't get to talk on the phone whenever I wanted to. I didn't get to play my guitar and sing whenever I want. I was treated like a baby. I am not a baby. I didn't get to go with my friends whenever I wanted to. I had to share a bathroom with other people and it was unfair. Living in a group home was unfair and a big mistake.

Now I have my own apartment and my life is better. Rose, Laura, Gayle and Janie support me and I think it is great. What I like best about having my own place is: Everything!


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