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Tim's Story

Think of the most positive person you have ever met. What you may not realize is that if you havenít met Tim Holt, you havenít met the most positive person in the world. Tim Holt is a 38 year-old gentleman who lives in his own 1 bedroom apartment in San Marcos. He works full time at Camp Pendleton Monday through Friday, has a long-term girlfriend who lives a couple miles from his pad, and has a full and rich life recreationally participating in a number of activities including bowling, going to dances, Disneyland trips, and sports. Perhaps the most amazing part of Timís life was the journey that led up to where he is now.

Tim grew up in a foster care group home in Lakeside, where he moved when he was 3. Tim lived there for 3o years. He had been working at Pizza Hut for 10 years, when his job coach asked him about his living situation. Tim, at the time a very passive guy, mentioned that he wanted to move out of his group home. This information got to Timís Regional Center caseworker and the process began. Timís group home had no confidence in his ability to live independently, and actually fought to block his move. In the end, Tim was able to move out. He chose Life Works as his supported living agency.

Tim moved out with a tiny television, a broken stereo he referred to as his ďboom boxĒ, and one garbage bag full of clothes, which were mostly his Pizza Hut uniforms. Tim had little to no money and had to borrow money to move. Tim had 24/7 support when he moved out, though it became evident quickly that Tim had been over-supported for his entire life, and was capable of living life in an independent fashion. Tim quit Pizza Hut and got a job at Albertsonís. He decided that the original apartment he moved to wasnít in a neighborhood he felt safe in, so he moved to North Park. The first of many great decisions Tim has made as an independent adult living in the community.

Tim met his girlfriend on a blind date in September 2007. She lives in San Marcos, and as their relationship grew stronger, Tim expressed a desire to live closer to her. In May 2009, Tim moved to San Marcos. Unlike what he moved out of his group home with, Tim now required a full-sized U-Haul truck to move all of his belongings. He quickly got his job at Camp Pendleton, which is full time and has benefits. He no longer has a roommate, living in his own one bedroom apartment, and no longer has 24/7 support. Tim is supported a few hours a day, and is otherwise completely independent.

Timís road was one of underestimation by everyone in his life until a job coach and service coordinator decided to give a man without a voice, or knowledge of his rights, a chance at living the life entitled to him. Tim is now a fully included member of the community of his choosing. He has a meaningful job, meaningful relationships, and is living the life of his dreams.


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